Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Loss

Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing and stress free right? Your hotel should be your home away from home...Well in this case, the bathroom flooded. Luc... READ MORE

From wet to dry....

"Like it never even happened."This series of photos show the before and after of a veterinary practice experiencing a water loss. The first picture displays our... READ MORE

Water, water, water

It has been mentioned in other posts that our most common job type is a water loss. We experience increased rainfall, intense thunderstorms, hurricanes, and oth... READ MORE

Water Damage

When water sits for an extended amount of time, it may result in the removal of drywall and insulation due to secondary damage. Removing materials that are hold... READ MORE

Before and After

After a hurricane devastated the panhandle, this customer called us to help with his home which had been flooded. Our crew worked on packing up all the belongin... READ MORE

Pack Out

This before and after set shows the progress our crew made during a pack out job from Hurricane Michael. This customer's entire home was affected and they had t... READ MORE

Cleaning up a Kitchen

This loss went unchecked for a few weeks before it was discovered. The former resident of the property had left the homes in need of a good cleaning. SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Cleaned Carpet

There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned: maintenance, stain removal, allergen reduction, maybe even in preparation to sell the home. Whatever your r... READ MORE

Flooded Floors

During Hurricane Irma, this customer had a leaky window that flooded some of their home. The room shown in these photos was affected and the flooring was ruined... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage

Natural disasters are a common cause of loss. Here in Florida, we experience our share of hurricanes during the summer and fall months. In addition to excessive... READ MORE