Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaned Carpet

There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned: maintenance, stain removal, allergen reduction, maybe even in preparation to sell the home. Whatever your r... READ MORE

Flooded Floors

During Hurricane Irma, this customer had a leaky window that flooded some of their home. The room shown in these photos was affected and the flooring was ruined... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage

Natural disasters are a common cause of loss. Here in Florida, we experience our share of hurricanes during the summer and fall months. In addition to excessive... READ MORE

Hurricane Irma

In these photos, you can see the damage to the flooring and walls left by Hurricane Irma. The homeowners evacuated and were unable to return until a few weeks a... READ MORE

The SERVPRO Difference

At SERVPRO of Lake County, we understand the stress and anxiety related to each loss, that a sense of normalcy has been lost, and how important it is to help ou... READ MORE

Walls and Ceilings

This office was completely gutted after experiencing a ceiling to floor category 3 water loss. Due to the category of the water, the drywall, ceiling, and floor... READ MORE

Growth affected kitchen

This kitchen was affected by growth due to an ongoing drainage pipe leak inside the block wall. We set containment to protect the rest of the home then removed ... READ MORE

Soot cleanup

Cleaning up after a small kitchen fire. Soot damage was the culprit in this case. Sometimes in fire losses the worst damage is from soot and smoke, not the actu... READ MORE

Large Loss- Fire

Fire losses are often extensive and thus devastating. This structure was greatly damaged from a large fire that affected 100% of the building. Although the fire... READ MORE

Large Loss- Fire

This bay was badly damaged after a devastating fire. You can see how the heat and soot affected the outside of the bay doors. Just like water, soot and heat can... READ MORE