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Commercial Mold Remediation

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Cut out moldy drywall Moldy drywall cut out & dehumidifier

Commercial Mold Remediation

Your Business is your lively hood and your customer’s health is very important. With that being said, SERVPRO of Lake County Florida was called to this Business when a water leak turned into a mold remediation. When you have a water leak and try to address the problem yourself and not having the proper tools and drying equipment you can start to see suspect mold growth. The potential client first called a Hygienist to investigate the issue and take some air samples and tape samples of the suspect growth. When the client received the report back from the Hygienist, they called SERVPRO immediately. SERVPRO responded quickly and began the remediation the next day. Needless to say, the client was very impressed with our company and would highly recommend us. Just like the logo says, "Like it never even happened."

 Call your friends at SERVPRO of Lake County for all your Remediation needs.  352) 735-3311 

**Don't forget that we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.** 

Water damage with equipment

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage with equipment Water Damage with equipment

Always count on SERVPRO for a fast responds time!

SERVPRO of Lake County Florida was contacted by a home owner at 12:00 midnight Monday for a water damage caused from a water line leak from the refrigerator, our emergency crew responded within minutes of the call and was ready for the task. The supervisor headed to the job site within a short time while the crew loaded up all  the necessary equipment and proceeded to their destination. They accessed the situation and extracted water in all affected areas. When they had the situation under control they began setting DH’s (Dehumidifiers) and air movers (fans) on the affected areas. When we finished late that night the customer was very pleased on how we took control of their situation. We told him that our goal was to make it “like it never even happened!”  Please call SERVPRO of Lake County FL. at Ph. 352-735-3311


Summer Cookout family gatherings

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Grill fire Not watching a outdoor grill, Grease fire

10 Tips for Safe Summer Barbecues:

Dos and Don'ts That Will Keep You From Becoming a Statistic


  1. Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your house. Farther is even better. This includes portions attached to your house like carports, garages and porches. Grills should not be used underneath wooden overhangs either, as the fire could flare up into the structure above. This applies to both charcoal and gas grills.
  2. Clean your grill regularly. If you allow grease and fat to build up on your grill, they provide more fuel for a fire. Grease is a major source of flare ups.
  3. Check for gas leaks. You can make sure no gas is leaking from your gas grill by making a solution of half liquid dish soap and half water and rubbing it on the hoses and connections. Then, turn the gas on (with the grill lid open.) If the soap forms large bubbles, that's a sign that the hoses have tiny holes or that the connections are not tight enough.
  4. Keep decorations away from your grill. Decorations like hanging baskets, pillows and umbrellas look pretty AND provide fuel for a fire. To make matters worse, today's decor is mostly made of artificial fibers that burn fast and hot, making this tip even more important.
  5. Keep a spray bottle of water handy. That way, if you have a minor flare-up you can spray it with the water to instantly calm it. The bonus of this tip is that water won't harm your food, so dinner won't be ruined!
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher within a couple steps of your grill. And KNOW HOW TO USE IT. If you are unsure how to use the extinguisher, don't waste time fiddling with it before calling 911. Firefighters say many fire deaths occur when people try to fight a fire themselves instead of calling for expert help and letting the fire department do its job.


  1. Turn on the gas while your grill lid is closed. NEVER do this. It causes gas to build up inside your grill, and when you do light it and open it, a fireball can explode in your face.
  2. Leave a grill unattended. Fires double in size every minute. Plan ahead so that all of your other food prep chores are done and you can focus on grilling.
  3. Overload your grill with food. This applies especially fatty meats. The basic reason for this tip is that if too much fat drips on the flames at once, it can cause a large flare-up that could light nearby things on fire.
  4. Use a grill indoors. People often think it will be safe to use a grill, especially a small one, indoors. NOT TRUE. In addition to the fire hazard, grills release carbon monoxide, the deadly colorless, odorless gas. That gas needs to vent in fresh air or it can kill you, your family and pets.

If you do experience a house fire this summer be sure to call SERVPRO of Lake County at (352)735-3311 to help with all your fire damage and smoke damage needs. We are always here to help!

Rain Intrusion During a Thunderstorm

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

When we say storm around here, it's easy to imagine hurricanes, tornadoes, and snow storms. But our crews also respond to damage sustained during a thunderstorm much like the one we experienced in Lake County last night. We had a previous customer call us to come out when she discovered the repair she thought was complete had failed in the middle of the storm. The affected area we had dried last weekend was saturated again. The on call tech headed out and was able to limit any further damage by extracting water and placing drying equipment. Our customer was incredibly pleased with our quick response which saved her home and belongings from any further damage. We were happy to help! If you experience a loss due to rainwater, please give us a call.

Are You Sure this Water's Sanitary?

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Restroom with sewage flooding In this picture you can see the results of the sewage flooding and contamination

When working a water damage we distinguish each job by category. For instance, a Cat 1 would involve sanitary water, a Cat 2 would be significantly contaminated, and a Cat 3 would be grossly contaminated. This important because it affects work activities and protective measures that are need for each job. It is important for our technicians, when working these jobs, to protect themselves by wearing the following PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Full face respirator with combination HEPA particulate/organic vapor filters, a full body suit, nitrile gloves, heavy-duty work gloves and water proof boots.

On this particular Cat 3 job, a building under construction experienced a sewage loss in one of the restrooms, which resulted in most of the floor throughout the wing being affected. We were contacted by the customer and were able to respond immediately to begin the work process. In this case, we performed a water extraction, decontaminated affected areas with antimicrobial multiple times, removed flooring and drywall, placed several air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to aid in the drying process, and HEPA vacuumed all affected areas.

Upon completion of services our customer was thrilled to be able to resume construction on the building and appreciative that our highly trained and certified crew made such a massive, gross debacle “Like it never even happened.”

Residential fire

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

Front view of a house Lightning struck this A-frame home

Lightning struck this Lady Lake, Florida home destroying the roof and damaging all of the rooms inside. The customer was quick to call SERVPRO of Lake County Florida to mitigate the damage. Our certified technicians responded promptly to begin the cleanup. First they removed the falling drywall to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Then they extracted the standing water to prevent it from further soaking into the building materials and causing mold to grow. They also contacted the customer's insurance company to help the claims process run smoothly and confirm that insurance was aware of all the actions being taken to prevent further damage. The customer was very happy with SERVPRO's response time, especially considering it was a storm where many of his neighbors' were without power too. SERVPRO of Lake County will always make your disaster "Like it never even happened."

Please call 1-352-735-3311

Natural Disasters

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

When you think of natural disasters, answers probably vary based on the person's geographical location. For instance, someone in Florida would probably mention a hurricane, someone from Oklahoma would likely bring up a tornado, while a California resident would possibly refer to a wild fire. SERVPRO offers disaster relief for all of these loss types and more. We can also help with snow storms, tsunamis, and mudslides. Oh my!

SERVPRO has dedicated teams to oversee storm events all over the country.This year, we also participated in hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas. Teams across the nation are already preparing for the snow and ice storms that will happen this winter. As an emergency service based company, it is our duty to be prepared to offer help and relief to our communities in all kinds of weather. No one wants disaster to strike, but when it does, SERVPRO is ready to help you get your home and life back to normal.

General water loss

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Two techs working in an office hanging up plastic sheeting to protect the unaffected rooms Two of our techs are setting containment to protect the unaffected areas on this job site.

Water Loss

Water damage’s all have the potential to cause far-reaching damage when they strike. However, not all is lost. Water restoration experts can help salvage most of the items in a house. Homeowners count their losses too quick before engaging the services of restoration experts like SERVPRO. It is important to know the effects of water damage so that homeowners understand the need for remediation. Wind damage, for instance, can cause heavy roof damage. Roof damage is mainly from loose tiles or shingles. Wind damage during and after a storm can also cause moisture under loose shingles to sip through the roof. Homes with wooden roofs can experience wood swelling. This leads to further roof damage necessitating immediate repair. Postponing roof repair especially from strong storms containing rain and high winds only leads to more costs. A simple roof leak repair can turn into a roof replacement if not handled immediately. It is also crucial to conduct roof inspection, especially after a storm warning. This minimizes the costs to be incurred in roof repair after the storm damage happens. A roof inspection will identify all the damaged places, and the roof repair will be handled in time. All roof leaks are also sealed to ensure that the roof is able to withstand the coming weather damage. Homeowners need to explain the type of damage so that the home restoration experts can come with the right tools and gear to carry out water remediation. One such tool is a sump pump. These sump pumps are used to drain water after a flooding or water damage. A sump pump can also work automatically. It can be left in a room to drain the ground water. The pumps are able to handle the ground water even as it rises. Commercial sump pumps are also available to deal with massive flood water situations such as river flooding. In a home application, the flood pumps can be used with vacuums. For all your restoration needs please call SERVPRO of Lake county Florida

Ph. 1-352-735-3311

Church Flooding

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

DH's & Air movers Water loss with equipment

Commercial Flooding

Your church is your congregation's shelter, helping shield them from the storms of life. But if life's literal storms damage your place of worship - or if you’re cleaning goes beyond the reach of your staff please give SERVPRO of Lake County a call. No stain is too small and no storm damage is too big for our SERVPRO team. We have the training, experience and equipment to restore and clean churches quickly, helping make it "Like it never even happened."

When life's storms roll in, leave the building restoration to us so you can continue restoring lives. 

 Call your friends at SERVPRO of Lake County.       (352) 735-3311 

**Don't forget that we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.** 

Hazards of a Kitchen Fire

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

Wall and cabinets with soot damage In this picture you can see the coinciding damage as the result of the fire.

Remember when your mother taught you not to leave the stove on unattended? There was a good reason for it, sometimes appliances can catch on fire. This was the case pertaining to this particular job. Our customer contacted us after their stove caught fire, which caused soot to be spread throughout their entire home. As is the result with all fires, there was also a coinciding smokey odor that had permeated our customer's home. They called us to help with the damage and we were happy to be of service. We started by washing the walls and ceilings, cleaning the floors, and running a hydroxyl generator to help with the residual odor. In addition, the HVAC system was also cleaned as part of the process. This is a service that helps with soot and odor removal. Upon the completion of services, our customer could not believe the difference in their home. What started out as a huge mess was quickly rectified by our highly trained and certified crew.