Photo Gallery

Growth covered HVAC duct

Got Growth?

Do you regularly check and maintain your HVAC system? The customer in this photo did not and the system was covered in growth. Living in Florida, it is extremely important to make sure you take care of your HVAC system to keep it performing at its best. It is especially important for our seasonal residents to ensure their unit is working properly so a problem doesn't arise while they are away from the home. We offer duct cleaning services from a licensed HVAC professional. If you would like us to inspect your system to check for growth, give us a call!

Technician standing in front of a loss site

Large Commercial Water Loss

Dave is our lead water technician. You can see him here, standing in front of a large commercial water loss. The emergency call came in just before closing time on a Wednesday. Almost 5000 square feet of the business was flooded and covered in debris where the ceiling had collapsed. Dave and his crew jumped in their trucks and headed out to the loss site where they spent a good portion of the night extracting standing water and removing ceiling debris. Thanks to the quick response and hard work of the team, the damage was minimized and business was able to resume in just a few days. 

Two techs hepa vacuuming the floor

Mold Remediation in a commercial building

Our team was part of this mold remediation at a commercial facility. The customer was in the middle of a remodel when growth was discovered. SERVPRO of Lake County was called to save the day! The crew worked tirelessly to mitigate all growth to help this remodel get back on track. In this photo, two of our team members are busy hepa vacuuming one of the affected rooms after the demolition was complete. Hepa vacuuming is a great tool for growth jobs because it helps eliminate dust and growth particles from the air and surfaces. Demolition is dirty work and Hepa vacuuming helps to cut down on the cleaning time.

Containment plastic with zippers set up to utilize negative pressure inside the affected area.


This is a common site on a growth job- the plastic keeps affected air and materials inside the affected area. The red zippers allow entry. The green piece of equipment is an air filtration device that sets negative pressure in the room. This keeps the bad air and particulate from spreading into the unaffected parts of the structure.

Award for number of online reviews


We pride ourselves on the 5 star reviews we have accumulated. SERVPRO of Lake County was recognized with this award at our area meeting in August 2019. 

We are always interested to hear how we did. Please let us know by leaving us a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. If you need links to any of those sites, please call the office so we can send you links to those pages. You can also leave one here on our website! Just click on the "Why SERVPRO" tab, go to the customer reviews page, and you can either write a review on the page or follow the links to leave a review on Facebook or Yelp. 

Training Class

Our crew members participate in training and certification classes. We understand and value the information gained and always let our team do their own training session after these classes. Doing so shares valuable information with new techs and refreshes our veteran members.

This morning we learned about the science of drying from Dave, who completed his WTR and ASD classes last week.

Events and Charities

SERVPRO of Lake County Supports Our Local Women’s Council of Realtors.

We work hard to turn problem listings into quick sales for Lake county real estate professionals. Call us @ 352- 735-3311 for a free estimate.


SERVPRO of Lake County Packs a Full House After fire.

Packing and cleaning contents after a fire is one of our many specialties. While these items are stored we will get down to the business of building back the home like it never even happened.

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Lake County Dries Entire Home in 3 Days.

After laminate flooring was removed we implemented a drying plan that eliminated standing water on the subfloor as well as moisture in the drywall within 3 days. This short dry time allowed us to quickly restore the home for its owners.

Commercial Mold

SERVPRO of Lake County Removes Mold from Commercial Buildings.

We work hard with in our community to restore living and work spaces. We enjoy solving big problems in big structures and we consistently pass mold tests.


SERVPRO of Lake County Utilizes Specialty Drying Equipment to Dry Walls Of Flooded Home.

Our drying system forces warm dry air into wall cavities. This allows evaporation to occur so that drywall and wood framing can be restored to industry dry standards.