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Cleaning Testimonials

A contractor used a jackhammer to remove our old kitchen tile. He put up plastic sheeting at the kitchen entrances in a half-hearted effort to contain the dust but left the air conditioning running while we were gone. The result was a thick layer of dust on every wall, floor, ceiling, and countertop in much of the house and on every item in the pantry, kitchen cupboards and drawers, and on desks, shelves, and furniture in other rooms. Another company gave us a quick estimate to clean up the dust but never mentioned the air ducts. Josh, at SERVPRO, took the time to closely examine our situation. He pointed out where air vents showed dust deposits from the air coming back from the air conditioner and where the return air ducting was heavily caked with tile dust that had penetrated the filter. He removed some of the air conditioner's panels and we saw that the evaporator coils were packed with dust. Josh recommended a complete duct and A/C cleaning. Three very hard-working ladies from SERVPRO spent two days vacuuming and wiping every surface in the affected rooms and his other workers performed a thorough cleaning of all of the ducts and the entire interior of the air conditioning unit. I watched as they disassembled and cleaned all of the machinery and saw for myself that, in addition to the coils, the blower and condensate gutters were completely blocked with tile dust. I am not an A/C technician but I do know enough about how they work to be certain that without Josh's advice and his people's efforts I would be looking at replacing the entire system in the very near future. I hope I never see another mess in my house like we had but if I do I will certainly ask SERVPRO to rescue me. Our home hasn't been this clean since we first moved in!

Had SevPro come and clean my businesses carpets. Incredibly friendly staff and did an amazing job. Soon after a friend of mine had some damage to his house from a storm and I recommend SERVPRO. They came in a moments notice and took care of him. My friend had the same exact experience. Highly recommend these guys for anything from simple carpet clean to taking care of severe damage.

Taylor Hooper